Monday, November 20, 2006

Willow Springs MC Races November

November Race Results:
1st Place, WSMC Vintage Lightweight Class Ducati 650

1st Place, WSMC Vintage Heavyweight Class Ducati 651 ;-)

1:38.3 best time.

There was darn near ideal weather out at Wilow this month. Even so, there were a number of crashes. I saw three spectacular crashes in which the riders went "ass over heels" into the dusty Willow runoff. One crash, in turn 2 looked like the bike exploded into a bazilion pieces spraying parts 50 feet in every direction.

I used the time between my races to ride the dirt road around the outer perimeter of Willow on my YZ250 and found some sineage left over from the old days at Willow.


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