Monday, October 02, 2006

Miller Motorsports/Sandia Race Wrapup

AHRMA Miller Motorsports Results: 1st Place, Vintage Superbike Middleweight (x2)

AHRMA Sandia Speedway Results: 1st Place, Vintage Superbike Middleweight (x2), 2nd Place,Battle of the Twins F3 (x2),3rd Place, Vintage Superbike Heavyweight.

There was some wacky stuff going on on these two tracks this last hailed and stormed during Friday practice at Miller. Luckily, weather on Saturday and Sunday turned out just fine.

At Sandia, I came around turn 1 and saw the yellow and red debris flag flying...only to find a handful of $20 bills floating around the race line. Someone stashed his wallet in his leathers and then accidentally dropped it on the track!

I traded one of my trophies from Miller to Bill Smithers from the Sugar House Barbecue in Salt Lake City. In exchange, I got a huge plate of barbecued tri tip, beans and corn bread! If you're ever in Salt Lake, stop by and see Bill's place. It has great food, and great motorcycle-themed ambience.


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