Friday, May 23, 2008

Eskil's Guzzi Racer

Eskil Tin's Recently Finished Guzzi Racer

from Eskil:
"I have just done my first track test of this years version of my Guzziracer. I was quite anxious as it includes some new features:
Most important is a new swingarm with a floating bevelhouse. The geometry of the parallellogram is designed to give antisquat when the suspension is compressed, but prosquat when it is extended. This is something I haven't seen done before as existing parallellograms only mimic the behavior of a chaindriven bike (which isn't perfect) I also shorten'ed the swingarm to 385mm center to center and made room for a 180 section tire.
The other important feature this year is a adjustable headstock, making it possible to steepen the rake up to 4 degrees from original Tontiframe. This allows me to raise the head in order to highten the center of gravity and yet keep a steep rake. The measures of the bike is now quiet exactly the same as a MGS01 but the basic backbone is still a Tontiframe.
The tracktest proved successfull: The bike was completly stabel, very sivilised and undramatic to drive compared to last years version, rather like a modern 600 I imagine. The backend was neither moving up or down as a enginebraked into turns and powered out again, giving lots of confidence."
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