Sunday, April 13, 2008


I had the unique experience of racing at the same time as two Guzzi legends today. Doug Polen and Fred Eiker were racing Sound of Thunder while I was racing Formula Vintage at Willow Springs with AHRMA. It all happened pretty quick, but I believe Doug was leading on a 1098. I kept them in sight for a few turns and then they disappeared.

Doug Polen was an early test rider for the Guzzi MGS-01. Fred Eiker won at Daytona in Battle of the Twins on the Rennsport Moto Guzzi in the late 1980's.

Earlier, Doug mentioned that he had done a 1:24 at Willow Springs on the MGS-01 during its prototype phase, while there were only two of the machines in existence. He related that the bike that he rode was very stockish close to 100-110hp, and not the 140 hp machine that the factory claimed at the time.

He also mentioned that his test riding took place immediately prior to Aprillia's purchase of Moto Guzzi, an event which quickly turned the lights out on Moto Guzzi 's immediate racing future.


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