Monday, September 18, 2006

Miller Redux

Pierre's pre-crash Alazurra with tire warmers(?!)

Snow capped Mountains

The AHRMA races at Miller Motorsports are now over. I ended up with two firsts in Vintage Superbike Middleweight. There were a few crashes. The Saturday VSM race consumed two of them belonging to our buddy and Alazurra racer Pierre. Luckily for the crashed racers, Miller Motorsports has an excellent on-site medical center with a doctor on staff. Pierre had pain meds prescribed within 20 minutes of crashing!

The weather eventually cooperated, after Friday's freak hail/rain/thunder storm. It'd a good thing,too, because I didnt bring snow tires for my Alazzura.

Other highlights from the races included watching Will Harding win Vintage Superbike Midleweight on Stan Friduss' 1976 Guzzi Superbike. Will and two other riders were within a second of each other for the entire 8 lap race. Intense!


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