Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dee Emm Vee

I'm off to the DMV to register four more vehicles today. Actually, I'm off to the AAA Auto Club, as they have an on site-DMV service that is significantly less brutal than the real Cali DMV. Thursday in the AM is a good time to process DMV stuff. Everyone either piles in on Monday after they buy that '82 Datsun over the weekend, or they wait until Friday to register that '82 Datsun they bought last weekend so they can cruise to the Swap Meet or to Wal Mart in it over the coming weekend. Nobody says "Damn! It's Thursday, and it's 9 AM already! I'd better get to AAA pronto or I'll miss those 11:00 AM reruns of "Riptide".

Here's another DMV tip. ALWAYS complement the ladies at the DMV on their hairdo or the photos of their kids that surround their workstation before you get down to business. It helps to smooth the process. :-)


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