Monday, May 26, 2008

Ivan the Terrible

Congrats to Victoria and Kevin on their new little Guzzi Weirdo, Ivan (the Terrible)!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Eskil's Guzzi Racer

Eskil Tin's Recently Finished Guzzi Racer

from Eskil:
"I have just done my first track test of this years version of my Guzziracer. I was quite anxious as it includes some new features:
Most important is a new swingarm with a floating bevelhouse. The geometry of the parallellogram is designed to give antisquat when the suspension is compressed, but prosquat when it is extended. This is something I haven't seen done before as existing parallellograms only mimic the behavior of a chaindriven bike (which isn't perfect) I also shorten'ed the swingarm to 385mm center to center and made room for a 180 section tire.
The other important feature this year is a adjustable headstock, making it possible to steepen the rake up to 4 degrees from original Tontiframe. This allows me to raise the head in order to highten the center of gravity and yet keep a steep rake. The measures of the bike is now quiet exactly the same as a MGS01 but the basic backbone is still a Tontiframe.
The tracktest proved successfull: The bike was completly stabel, very sivilised and undramatic to drive compared to last years version, rather like a modern 600 I imagine. The backend was neither moving up or down as a enginebraked into turns and powered out again, giving lots of confidence."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

John Mark Gone

Socal racer and Guzzi fan John Mark Arechiga passed away as a result of his injuries from a crash at Buttonwillow Raceway one week ago. There was a tribute at Willow Springs today as a lone rider did a lap with John Mark's Moto Guzzi Centauro as Willow Springs Motorcycle Club members watched silently.

I personally will miss Dr. Know's "can do", positive attitude and his understated, yet intense passion for racing. See you on the other side, my friend.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Same old Ally racebike, brand new color.
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