Thursday, September 28, 2006

65 HP...

...that's what I'm working with. I just dynoed my 650 Ducati racer a few weeks ago. 65 hp,47 ft lbs. That's where it ended up after this last build. My AHRMA races are over until Barber Motorsports at the end of October. It'll be nice to return to Willow Springs on this bike (with 5 more hp than before) after blowing up 2 motors in 2 months on it earlier this year.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sandia, New Mexico AHRMA Races

Today I took: 1st place, Vintage Superbike Middleweight. 2nd Place BOTT F3 on the little Alazzurra that could. Love those trophy girls.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Today was practice at the Sandia, New Mexico AHRMA races. Tomorrow, we race. The track has nasty grooves parallel to the track surface all over it. Despite the poor track condition, it's still a fun track and the event is one of the best in the AHRMA circuit.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Guzzi Wins at Miller Motorsports

In a race that was thrilling to watch from start to finish, Will Harding pulled off another win for Stan Friduss' Guzzi race team at Miller Motorsports park in Utah on Sunday 9/17. Will, Dennis Parrish (CB900F) and Tom Marquardt (CBX!)spent the entire 8 laps within a second of each other. Tom initially led the race with his screaming 6 cylinder CBX, but Will's Guzzi snuck past a few laps later. Will came on like a freight train, unrelenting and decisive, and neither Honda could get past him. The day prior, Will had DNF'ed with a broken throttle cable, so this victory was especially satisfying.

Team Friduss Guzzi rider Andrew Cowell had a rough weekend with one 3rd place victory in BOTT F2, and a rash of mechanical problems, including a bent pushrod and torched crank bearings.

Sean Fader also claimed two second place tropies in Vintage Superbike Lightweight on his V65 small block Guzzi.

I also met Ed LaCruz, 850 Lemans racer and Guzzi dealer, from Nevada. He will be appearing in Vintage Superbike Midleweight in the near future.

Guzzitech paid out $225 in MG Cup contingency prize money from the Miller Motorsports AHRMA meet. With two races left in the AHRMA season, there is a definite possibility that at least one Guzzi will remain a national champion with AHRMA. Details on Guzzi contingency prize money at

Andrew Cowell Sport1100

Tim Keene SB8 Bimota racer

Storms rolling into Miller Motorsports on Friday Practice

Ed Lacruz Guzzi

In other news, shares of the Golden Corral chain surged on Wall Street after a Salt Lake area CG sighting and rumored endorsement deal with Guzzi rider and buffet racer Mike Curtis.

Ed Milich

Miller Redux

Pierre's pre-crash Alazurra with tire warmers(?!)

Snow capped Mountains

The AHRMA races at Miller Motorsports are now over. I ended up with two firsts in Vintage Superbike Middleweight. There were a few crashes. The Saturday VSM race consumed two of them belonging to our buddy and Alazurra racer Pierre. Luckily for the crashed racers, Miller Motorsports has an excellent on-site medical center with a doctor on staff. Pierre had pain meds prescribed within 20 minutes of crashing!

The weather eventually cooperated, after Friday's freak hail/rain/thunder storm. It'd a good thing,too, because I didnt bring snow tires for my Alazzura.

Other highlights from the races included watching Will Harding win Vintage Superbike Midleweight on Stan Friduss' 1976 Guzzi Superbike. Will and two other riders were within a second of each other for the entire 8 lap race. Intense!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Miller Practice

AHRMA practice day at Miller Motorsports practice was a wash. We got in a few sessions and then all hell broke loose. Lightning. Hail. Rain. Bleck. At least there were some cool race bikes to scope, including Tim Keene's SB8R racer ( Battle of the Twins F1 and Sound of Thunder). Tim had a few more Bimotas in the pits including another SB8R and a Mantra.

The track is a bitchen cornering track. It flows like very few other tracks I've ridden. I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow for saturday's race day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Tim Keene lives in the Pacific Northwest and currently races a Bimota SB8 with WMRRA. Unlike many owners of two wheeled Eyetalian exotica, Tim actually uses his machines as they were intended! Check out some photos of him in action.

Monday, September 04, 2006

3 Days in the Garage

I just blew the last 3 days in the garage, building and stuffing 2 Ducati motors. I am now celebrating with a glass (or three) of Gewurztraminer. I now have a running race bike-Blackie, my old standard 650ss that I won Daytona on in 2006. I also have another partially built spare motor with a small snag. Freakin Carillo of them has a small end that is a tight fit with the wrist pin. I'll have to either hone or ream it to make it right. Roadblocks...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

OK. Here's a song from my hardcore band's 3rd CD coming out in November. The band is Slowdeath. The album is "A Rising Tide of Anger", and the song is Forged in Fire. It effing rocks. Play loud.

DooCaTee Clutch Fun!

You learn something new every day...The Cagiva/Ducati 650 Alazurras come with either wet or dry clutch engines. The wet clutch motors have tranny input shafts that are 10 mm shorter than the dry clutch input shafts. Here' s what happens when you replace the input shaft on a dry clutch motor (because the old one was hammered after 3 years of racing it) with a wet clutch input shaft that you just happen to have laying around. If you look closely, you will see that there is no way to bolt the clutch hub on because the shaft is too short! Luckily, Meester Bruce Meyers has run into this problem before and gave me the scoop on where I need to cut the clutch hub to make it work. Bruce to the rescue!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Two weeks before The AHRMA Miller Motorports and Sandia back to back race weekends, and here's what my main Ducati 650 racebike looks like. Note the remnants of my encounter with the exploding black Krylon can. Ugh. It's crunch time!
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