Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randy Tefft's V50 Flat Tracker!

"I purchased my 1978 V-50 about a month and a half ago, from a local
dealer - EDDIES MOTORCYCLES in Swanzey, NH. The head of the service
dept. - Aran Johnson and service tech.- Brian, were glad to help me
make the V-50 into a flat tracker. They both race.

We didn't get the bike running very, well until we drilled out the
pilot jets. It seems to be running pretty, strong now (30mm
Delorto's). It's running on a 'total loss' system, since we were
having some trouble getting the regulator up and running (I think it
needs some new parts!).

I put a 19" front wheel on (from an old Honda 750), but still have to
use the 18" rear. I did find a rear wheel from H****'s (for a V65
TT), but they want $600.00 for it... a little too steep for me right
now. I was able to find a used 18" Goodyear. I'm still looking for a
rear hub that I can put a 19" rim on.

I'm not too worried about getting more horsepower out of it just yet,
as I'm the 'weak link' in the performance end of things. It's only my
third time on a flat track. I'm hanging with the pack, just not
running at the front right now. I race the VINTAGE catagory - bikes
1980 and older. I'm racing with 750cc Triumphs etc...

Over the winter, I'll look into running the exhaust to the right
side, getting the 19" rear and perhaps some better forks. The stock
forks are quite narrow, causing the tire to rub on each side (not a
big deal really).

I don't know how much horsepower I'd realistically, get out of the
V-50. It may be cost prohibitive for my level of expertise. In the
mean time... I'm having a blast riding this bike. And... it sure does
get a lot of attention at the race track. It made the AMA website for
the Monticello, NY race on Sept. 06th 2008."
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