Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Battered Bearings

Galled Conrod Bearings

Crank journals look good.

Smallblock Engine Monster

What a world, what a world...I pulled the engine from this little 10k mile V65 apart and found...bad stuff. Conrod bearings on one side show galling and fatigue. Mains look OK. Thrust bearings are shot, especially in the direction that takes up clutch actuation force. There are oiling updates from the factory for these bearings. There is also a oil pressure relief valve update. Perhaps the original system blew off at too low a pressure.This bike also tried to spin the square key slot on the oil pump on the round oil pump key. I can only pray that some hack was in there before and that the factory didnt release all these bikes like this. It seems that Guzzi really screwed the pooch with the smallblocks. Instead of doing the typical Italian 90% engineering job before they kicked the bike out the front door, they only did around a 70% job with the smallblocks. Oh well. With a few updates, the bike will run well and win races. Fader proved that that can be done.


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