Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tom Liberatore LSR

Tom Liberatore is headed to Bonneville for Land Speed racing on his V7 Sport.

From Tom:
Hey Everybody, This has been a long time coming, I just returned from a sponsored dyno run at Motomeccania in Santa Rosa, 66.6 HP at the rear wheel @ 8500 rpm and climbing! After last years disastrous blow-up at the BUB meet, which wiped me out both emotionally and financially, it was great to hear her at full song on the dyno. Now all I have to do change the oil, rejet for the salt, run the valves for good measure, and pack. Local A/V whiz and guitar ace Steve Oliveria is coming along to help out and take pix, we're leaving early Sat. morning, we'll meet up with my brother Ted, who is flying into Salt Lake on Sunday. The plan is if we are able to set a record in the fuel class, we might take another run at the gas class as well, time will tell, there are several people going for the same record. After Speedweek, I plan on staying on to help the SCTA close down the meet and help BUB get theirs going, then work on the staff for BUB. 3 weeks on the salt is a long time, I've got about $50 worth of Gatorade to replenish my precious bodily fluids. Much, much thanks to all those who helped bring "Boom Boom" back from the dead, Mark from Moto Guzzi Classics, MG Cycle, Greg from Moto International, Mike Rich, Bob Neilson, all the good folks that put money in the "can", Ed Milich, Jason and all the good folks at Motomeccanica, everybody I forgot, Roger Franklin, who took this pic last night with his pinstriped Nikon, my friends and family, I couldn't have done it without you. Have fun, Tom Liberatore - Pepperoni Bros. Racing PS. thanks to April, we will be serving genuine Battistoni pepperoni in the pits, drop by!

Friday, August 08, 2008

A Gray

Some recent photos from Andrew Gray's vintage superbike racer build.

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